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Elmhurst Aromas

Storage Jars!

Storage Jars!

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We all need somewhere to store all our melts right?! Look no further than these beautiful storage jars! One for the hundreds of tea lights we get through, and the other for the gorgeous melts we use! These are large & come as a pair 💖

Simply pop in a tea light & add the amount of wax you desire to the bowl - allow to burn for no more than 4 hours - do not use the large tea lights.

When the wax has lost its scent and has harden, light a tea light for 30 seconds to 1 minute - test the wax, when it begins to wiggle, scoop out the wax & pop it in the bin (this is perfectly safe as it is biodegradable!) Full tutorial on our Instagram page!

Never leave a wax burner unattended, never try to move the wax melt burner whilst it is lit, it will be hot and the wax will spill. Use on a protected, even surface. Never overfill the bowl.

Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

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