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Elmhurst Aromas

Hidden Gems Discovery Box

Hidden Gems Discovery Box

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Discover hidden gems with our Hidden Gems Discovery Box! Crafted with exquisite quality, these melts are infused with luxurious fragrances and each melt contains a hand-crafted gem submerged in the wax. Transform your space with this Ms Malone-inspired creation.

Delishy Mimosa - A cool spicy accord with splashes of lemon that contrast perfectly with the floral core. Aromatic tobacco blends beautifully with tonka, almond and vanilla. 

Salty Sage - Woody earthiness fuses beautifully with sea salt minerals for a truly refreshing open air accord.

Neroli & Basil - Embark on a olfactory journey through the vibrant streets of youthful and fashionable London. Playfully flirt with the delightful notes of oh-so floral neroli, accompanied by a delicious wink of basil. This quintessentially British scent captures the essence of playful sophistication; fresh, fun and brimming with adventurous spirit.

Oh my Amber! - Rich velvet amber meet incense and musk in this luxurious accord. Wrapped with a bow of sweet tangerine to finish what makes for a memorable scent. 

Orange Bloom - A delightful fragrance with top notes of sweet tangerine blossom with an exquisite heart of orange blossom, lilac and water lily. A bold yet delicate base of iris and vetiver bring the scent to a stunning and serene close, leaving the memory of this scent long after the notes have gone. 

Davana & Honeysuckle - A captivating fragrance that embodies the untamed beauty of honeysuckle as it winds its way through the English countryside. This scent is an enchanting blend that becomes even more alluring after dark, with the freshness of rose and the fruity twist of davana. Further enriched with woody notes and the grounding essence of moss, it creates a sensory experience that captures the essence of a moonlit stroll through a lush, aromatic landscape.

Pommy Noir - Exotic pomegranate juice, Casablanca lilies and rich pink pepper tumble into each other for a truly sensual scent. 

Basil & Citrus - An unexpected fusion that is reminiscent of the scent of lime on a Caribbean cruise. White thyme are blended with peppered basil for a rich and elegant accord. 

How to use wax melts:-

Simply place a wax melt in the dish of your burner, light the tealight, then sit back and relax. Replace with a fresh cube once all the scent has evaporated from the wax, usually the life of 3 tealights.  

  • Use a 2 or 4 hour tea light. 
  • Do not heat for longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Burners become hot while in use so don't touch or move once heated.
  • Use on a flat surface away from draughts and any overhanging objects.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
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