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Elmhurst Aromas

Carpet Freshener - Laundry Freshness

Carpet Freshener - Laundry Freshness

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This carpet freshener is perfect for removing pet odours and musty smells from carpets.

A sparkling fresh fragrance of juicy fruits including orange blossom and apple which envelope floral notes of violet and lily. 


Contains advanced technology which banishes unwanted scents and malodours with ease, rather than just masking them.

Just sprinkle the freshener over the carpet and leave it for one hour (or longer if desired) before vacuuming for fresh smelling carpets.

*Available in a refillable shaker & refill pouches


- Carpet Freshener is an effective freshning solution for your carpets. It's important to always test it first on a small patch before applying it to the entire carpet. This will ensure your carpet is refreshed safely and with no risk of damaging it.

- Make sure you have read the Hoover Manufacturing guidelines before using Carpet Freshner for optimal results. Carpet Freshener is not suitable for all hoovers, so be sure to check compatibility before use.

- You must keep pets & children away from the carpet whilst the powder is down.

- You will need to thoroughly hoover the carpet to remove all the product before allowing pets & children onto the carpet.

- Be sure to empty, clean and change the hoover fliters in line with Manufacturing guidelines.



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